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2018 Autumn Winter fashion trends

Happy first week of September everybody,
let the Autumn Winter outfits commence!
For my first fashion blog post I've taken into consideration what streetwear I've seen, what designs I've noticed popping up frequently in the high street and what styles I've noticed on the A/W runway from high end fashion designers.

Animal Print EVERYTHING!

I hope there's not too many people reading this that are kicking themselves for throwing out that leopard print top that was classed as tacky this time last year, because this is one of the most sought after prints on the high street at the moment. Not just cheetah print though, this animal print trend is literally any zoo animal out there. I've seen cow print skirts, snake skin jumpsuits and cheetah skin jackets all looking amazing. This one you may have noticed without my help since it's already reached the high street.


Layers, layers, layers. When I saw layers I mean layers. Basic clothes with beautiful looking coats are going to be a popular loobnk so I would advise you to spend your next shopping trip on the hunt for coats and jackets. Layering is going to be huge this A/W, the majority of high end fashion designers had two different coats on their models. So if you had a long shearling coat, the idea would be to style it with a leather jacket inside also. Remember how cold it gets in winter don't let the prolonged summer fool you, we'll appreciate this trend hugely in a few weeks!
Layering doesn't stop at clothes, make sure next time you're online shopping you put a few layered chains into your cart. These will style up your jumpers hugely, remember its the small details that count in an outfit. My personal favourite at the moment are the coin pendants.

Statement Logos

Subtle isn't much of a thing this season. In fact it looks designers are competing with eachother on who has the biggest label, they must all be men..... If you're the type of person that prefers to not show off the designer on your clothes but still want to follow the trend, you can wear a top that has a statement or phrase on the front instead of a logo. Any top that has writing on it will fit under this trend.

Country Western or Rodeo is a fun trend to work with this A/W. Western entails tassels, cowboy boots, check shirts, embroidered shirts and perry style dresses. This season will be taking a very boohoo turn.

Chunky Trainers
Now this trend could be my most favourite of all. I am all about this chunky trainer phase. They make they look amazing styled with jumper dresses, bicycle shorts and a t-shirt, jeans or lounge wear. They are literally an all rounder shoe and I don't see them going out of style for a long time. Balenciaga kick started this trend but you can get affordable versions in most high street shops.

Bucket Bags
I'm really liking this upcoming trend. Most of the bucket bags I have seen around stores have been very detailed and a really nice way to spice up an outfit. Bucket bags are a lot bigger than they look also, so if you're a girl like me and you also carry your life with you when you leave the house, this could be the perfect bag for you! This is the bucket bag I have on the way, better again it's on sale!
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olive green, pink, fusha pink, burgungy, navy, mustard, shades of brown




Shorter Hair

Soft Ombre

These are some quick trends that I'm confident will be all over the highstreets this Autumn Winter so if you like the idea of any of these trends, keep them in mind during your next shopping trip and you will be right on trend with your wardrobe! I am excited to announce that I will be attending London Fashion Week so I will do another full blog post then on what trends I noticed most there.

xoxo Laurna


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