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Selfridges on a budget

Hey guys, welcome back to the Fashion to Footsteps blog, as you may be able to tell by the title this is going to be a fashion blog post! As I was in Selfridges last week an idea popped into my mind and this is that little idea coming to life..

Anybody from Ireland reading this and if you have not visited the UK you may not know that Selfridges is the equivalent of Brown Thomas, only 200 times the size and 200 times the designers. I was questioning how hard it would be to find replica or very similar styled clothing in the high street and online stores and as it turns out it wasn't too hard at all! This blog post aims to get you that £1,000+ outfit on a nice budget.
All you have to do is click the link under the items of clothing to shop the highstreet version of the designer clothes that stood out to me, enjoy!


Left- Topshops double breated pink suit 
Right- Ellery's double breasted pink suit

Personally, the only blatant difference I see in these two suits are the flared cut sleeves and the colour differences of the buttons, bare in mind how easy it is to change buttons on an outfit so if you wanted an almost identical replica of the Ellery suit, this can easily be achieved. 
Price List
Topshop blazer, £49
Topshop trousers, £30
Topshop suit, £79
Ellery blazer, £1,320
Ellery trousers, £795
Ellerty suit, £2115

If you were to choose the Topshop suit over the Ellery suit, you would be saving yourself a mind boggling £2036. 

Louis Vuitton

                                           Replica platformed high heel leopard print boots
                                                        Fsj Shoes- £67.80
                                                        Louis Vuitton- £1,850

Leopard print suit jacket
Topshop- £65
Louis Vuitton- £1,200

Velvet military style jacket
Zara- £67.99
Louis Vuitton- £1,350

Frill wrap blouse
Topshop- £20
Louis Vuitton- £850

Faux leather heel ankle boot
Pretty Little Thing- £35
Louis Vuitton- £1,170


Leopard print puffer jacket
Pretty Little Thing- £55
Moncler- £1,300

Cream puffer jacket
MissPap- £30
Moncler- £1,250

Black shiny puffer jacket
H&M- £39.99
Moncler- £795


Black and white slogan top
Pretty Little Thing- £22
Balenciaga- £675

Oversized blue shirt
French Connection- £40
Balenciaga- £785

Black and white checkard jacket
Modamore- £21
Balenciaga- £2,390

Faux fur belted jacket
Romwe- £44.50
Balenciaga- £3,435


Red frill evening dress
I Saw It First- £30
Black leather gold buckle belt
Belt design- £32
Dior- £450

These pieces can be styled amazing I already have so many ideas from my walk through Selfridges for outfits! Hope this inspired one person and opens your mind to different styles and that you realise you can get a very lux look on an affordable budget.

xoxo Laurna


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