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Gifts for him and her

We are three days away from entering the wonderful month of December the most magical month of all, I am especially looking forward to Christmas this year as it's the first Christmas I will be flying home from London for a whole two weeks to spend with all my friends and family, I'm already emotional for my flight home!
With December comes Christmas, and with Christmas comes the exciting part of appreciating those who mean the most to you with spending time and gift giving, but this can be daunting sometimes right? Everybody wants to get the special people around them the perfect gift, so hopefully this gift guide might give you a little inspo ♥

DISCLAIMER : I am not mentioning any designer items these are all ideas to give you extra inspo along side your main gift x

Before I start on gifts for Him and Her do not underestimate the amazing idea of a gift that you both can go and do! Booking a holiday, a city break away, a trip up the country, a spa night away and dinner is probably the most meaningful gift you can give somebody because you both get to enjoy a new memory together! Now that that's said, lets get straight into it....


A Watch
I think a watch is one of the most important accessories in a guys day to day outfit, I know a lot of men aren't into the watch vibe but I can nearly guarantee once he starts wearing one he won't be able to take it off. It completes a look and is always a great gift to give!

A Wallet/Card Holder

Investing money in a good wallet and card holder for a guy in my eyes is so important. Girls get away with being able to use tens of different bags and wallets but guys tend to use the one wallet until its broken, so make it a good one! Since cards are taking over cash card holders are becoming more and more popular so surprising him with one of those could be a good idea too!

If He's A Gamer
If he's into the gaming life then you are covered when it comes to gifting as you've so much choice. You could buy a PlayStation plus membership, a new game chair, an extra controller, a head set, gaming accessories, a box for his gaming accessories, the list is long! The top 3 games out at the moment for PlayStation are Red Dead Redemption 2, God Of War and Fallout 76. If you want to go all out then buy an Xbox or PlayStation depending on what he already has , I was gifted a PlayStation for Valentines last year and it made my life, trust me its a good present.

I don't mean picking up a pair of socks and jocks from Primark I mean getting the good bits. Pick up two or three packets of branded boxers, call me biased but Calvin Klein for the win.. A set of happy socks and fluffy socks for the house, yes guys do appreciate fluffy socks as much as us girls!

Airpods or Beats
This one goes for both him and her because who doesn't love listening to music right? If I was to buy someone Beats I would buy the Beats Solo3 as they are wireless and that's the vibe we're going with in this gift because we'll avoid annoying wires at all costs.

Google Speaker/Alexa Amazon

Guys love gadgets, it's a known fact! The most popular gadget out there at the moment has to be the interactive speakers and they're a cool device to have in the apartment for the days when you're too lazy to order your own pizza.

Virtual Reality Headset
Staying on gadgets VR is becoming bigger and bigger and it's a fun thing to mess around with on Christmas Day. The VR headsets all vary in pricing you can get really affordable brands or else legit Black Mirror vibed headsets. I've heard that Oculus Go is an affordable but really fun brand.

Another pressy that can fit into the gifts for her category, trainers trainers trainers the best gift you can give anyone because there's no such thing as too much shoes, but then again I have an unhealthy obsession. Every guy has Vans or Converse you can't go wrong with those as an everyday staple, so if he doesn't have them it could be a good idea to pick a pair up! If you wanted to go more high end then Alexander McQueens would be my personal go to, but you'll know his style.


A Beauty Advent Calendar

Starting off with a pre Christmas gift, you can get the absolute nicest advent calendars ever in stores and online at the moment. It's like a gift that keeps on giving, and who doesn't love a good advent calendar its something exciting to open every morning for 31 days! The reason I said a beauty advent calendar is just personal preference, I love the idea of getting a surprise cosmetic product everyday more than a piece of chocolate.

Make up Brushes
Even if you think your girl isn't too obsessed with the whole makeup scene but still wears makeup on a regular basis, then having a good makeup brush set is important and I know every girl would be delighted with a new set. The most important part of buying a makeup brush set is the quality of the bristles, so make sure you check reviews before purchasing!

Her Favourite Bloggers Brand

If this girl likes keeping up with a certain blogger, a good hint would be if you know a bloggers voice from your girl listening to her Instagram stories so often, then check on the bloggers page and see if they have a brand! Chances are your girl knows all about the products in the brand so surprising her with some of the products is guaranteed to put a smile on her face, and also shows that you notice things that she's into! A good idea would be a Kylie Lip Kit.

A Ring Light
This is one that a lot of people don't think of but it's one that I know my girls would be over the moon to be gifted! Even if a girl has no intention of using the ring light for creating vlogs, it's a fun thing to have in your room for doing your makeup or taking pictures for the gram, my one has definitely came to use before nights out with my group infact we'd walk around the street with my ring light if we could.

Get Her Beauty Appointments Booked
If your girl gets her hair done, nails done, eye lashes done WHATEVER. Book those appointments for her in her favourite salons. It's something that she has to look forward to and something you already know she enjoys and cares for.

A Cute Backpack

A back pack is hugely in trend at the moment, and the range of back packs you can get are so diverse I can't even explain! Of course you can go down the expensive route and get a designer flashy bag like the Louis Palm Springs, or you can go down the sentimental route of buying a backpack that is her favourite colour or print on it. You can also put mini presents in the backpack if you wanted to personalise it like her favourite eyelashes, lip balm, treats, tan or anything that she uses on the regular.

Her Favourite Perfume

Surprising ANYBODY with their favourite perfume is always an appreciated one. If you're unsure about what perfume they wear, then surprising them with something you picked out for them is very cute too and it'll remind them of you every time they wear it! You can really chose your budget here also, you can get amazing body mists in Victoria Secrets that are so affordable but last but if you want to spend a bit of money then my personal favourite is Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud.

Depending on what she wears most often then gifting her a piece of jewellery is very sentimental. If you want to up the jewellery game then get something with their zodiac gemstone or get a necklace of their name on it. A ring is always a nice present to give somebody. If anybody secretly has a crush on me and doesn't mind being like minus one and a half thousand in debt, then feel free to treat me with a Cartier love ring!

A Candle
As basic as it sounds, I am one to appreciate a good candle, I literally couldn't have enough of them if I tried. There's nothing nicer than walking into an apartment that smells of Vanilla or something boujee.

A Humidifier

Staying on the topic of buff smelling apartments, I have a humidifier in my room and its literally my favourite thing. If you don't know what it is it's basically a little cute essential oil dispenser and the mist makes your room smell AMAZING and it also has health benefits. The one I bought also lights up and changes colour depending on what mood you want. Click to shop.

The Cosy Girl Gifts
You can literally make a hamper made for a girl that loves to get cosy and enjoys her me time. Your best bet would be to go into Lush for bath bombs, bath salts, moisturisers, eye creams, hair masks you name it there's a treatment in there for everything. Add a new pair of slippers, a dressing gown, fluffy socks and a hot water bottle and you will have a very happy cosy girl in your hands.

A Smart Mirror/Vanity Mirror
A smart mirror is basically a mirror with a screen behind it and its like having your phone on your mirror, bizarre right. A vanity mirror is a mirror with light bulbs around it which I think every girl visualises in her dream glam room. Or else just a large mirror for her to get her perfect OOTD pictures.

I hope these gift ideas have helped you a little when it comes to your big shopping spree! If you would like another gift idea post then let me know because I could keep on typing for days on this topic
Thank you for reading all the way through this blog post I appreciate it so much and if you thought it was helpful feel free to tell me so!
xoxo Laurna


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