House move bids bid bid for Claremont move bid

July 6, 2021 0 Comments

Clarke House move bid bid bid is in the works to secure the move of its home from St George’s Park to its new home on the site of the old St Georges House.

The Claremont Community and Cultural Centre, which runs the historic St George House, said it has been in discussions with the property owner and its staff about the possibility of moving the property to the St George house.

“Claremont Community Centre has been involved with this bid for some time and we will work with the owner to determine if this is the best possible option for the Claremont community,” a spokesperson for the property said.

The proposed move is set to be a massive blow to St George Hall.

It would mean the site would lose a large part of its historic character.

Claremoor Community Centre is one of the world’s largest cultural centres with more than 1,000 cultural activities, many of which are in the St John’s church and adjoining Claremont College.

The development of St George St, which is a landmark of the city, is part of the Claremore site which was sold for $7.7 million to the city of Brisbane in 2017.

The move would be a blow to the Claremorran’s community, who have enjoyed their heritage since the 19th century.

“We will continue to work with our neighbours to ensure the Claremere’s heritage is protected,” the spokesperson said.

“As well as supporting the StGeorge’s House, we will also work with St George University to protect the Claremoor School of Art and the Claremaric Cultural Centre.”

The StGeorges House was originally built in 1884 and is an integral part of Claremont.

We will continue working closely with the StJohn’s Church to ensure that the site is restored and the community can enjoy the benefits of the heritage.

“The proposed house move would take place over a three-year period.

Clayton Homes is the new owner of the site, which will be used as the Claremorton Heritage Trust.

A statement from Clayton Homes said the move would not affect existing residents of the property, nor their lease.”

Our community is proud of our history and will work hard to protect it, we’re proud of the work that the StGons family has done to preserve StGeorge,” the statement said.

Clarkson Homes is seeking an investor to finance the move, but has not yet announced who it is looking for.

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