The Dublin busbys’ move home from Fagile House is an ‘outrage’

July 20, 2021 0 Comments

The Dublin city council has made a “huge error” in allowing the move of a number of residents from Fagsley Park, Dublin, to the area’s new home.

The move comes a day after a court case was launched in Dublin’s High Court, in which the council had sought the legal backing of Fagiles lawyer and the city solicitor to proceed with the eviction of Fagsleys property.

The court was told the council was entitled to take the property under the terms of the Housing Act to be used for the purpose of its regeneration.

The council had initially requested permission to demolish the property and move the residents from the site, but the High Court ordered the council to apply for permission for the house to be removed.

However, the council has now appealed the High Courts decision to the Supreme Court.

Counsel for the council said the “big mistake” was to allow the transfer of the property to Fagilies lawyers, which would have “unlawfully transferred the property back to the council” under the Housing (Property) Act.

The new property is in Fagslie Park, which is in the heart of the city’s financial district.

It is estimated that up to 300 residents could be moved in and out of the area as part of the regeneration programme.

Councillor John Kelly said the decision to allow Fagskins move was “a huge mistake” and that it was “an outrage” to the residents.

“The city council and its legal team failed the people of Dublin by allowing this house to remain in Faglies house,” he said.

The property is currently owned by a woman who is now facing a legal challenge in Dublin District Court.