How to move house in Mumbai for free

July 23, 2021 0 Comments

The most expensive home in Mumbai is now on the market, for a bargain of just Rs1,100.

The house was purchased in 2013 by a family of five, which has been renting it for the past three years.

The house was built in 1960 by the builder Biju Kumar who also built the Bijui Bazaar in Delhi.

The home has an average price of around Rs1.5 lakh.

The owner of the house has been staying in it since 2012, and is currently trying to get the house fixed.

The owners are still in negotiations with the builder and are still waiting for the home to be sold.

They have also been waiting for it to be renovated.

They will move it out once the land is cleared for building.

The current owner of this house was the former owner who was living in the house before he passed away.

He was living at the house during the past 10 years, and also rented the house to a relative of his.

The owner is currently in negotiations for the new home.

His next-door neighbour is also a builder, who has built two houses in Mumbai.

He also has a property in Nagpur where he rents out rooms in a residential complex.

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