Bid for St. John’s House moves up on deadline

July 26, 2021 0 Comments

Bid for the St. Johns House moved up to a vote of the house committee Tuesday, after the committee passed a motion that would give the house the authority to purchase and build a $1.1 billion, 200-room, 1,600-square-foot, four-story building on its lot.

The house committee, made up of four Republicans and four Democrats, also approved an amendment that would make the property eligible for federal incentives.

House leaders are hoping to build a new house for residents of the property.

“We are hopeful the house will move forward to the committee,” said Rep. Michael Nogier, R-Biddeford, chairman of the committee.

House Speaker Mark Bostick said the committee voted to approve the amendment to help the house move up to the House floor.

Bostack has said the house should move forward this year.

“I want the house to be built,” he said.

The House also approved the bill’s amendment that will allow the committee to approve a project from the St John’s Historic Preservation Office, which is responsible for preserving the property, for $500,000.

That money would go toward the design, construction and completion of the new house.

The new house will be a historic landmark and be used for ceremonies, entertainment, educational programs and public gatherings.

The state and city have already approved $10 million in state funding for the project.

The $1 million project will be paid for with federal funds.

“The committee will consider an amendment to provide $1,000,000 in the project for the State Historic Preservation and Preservation Agency to help fund the design and construction of the building,” said House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Julie Ann Mccallum, R -Baldwin, during the vote.

The committee approved the House amendment after Bostacks office submitted a proposal to the state for $2 million in federal funding for a new, 200,000-square foot building.

The St Johns Historic Preservation Agency is a division of the state Historic Preservation Division.

The agency received $4.5 million in 2015 from the state to purchase the property for $1 billion.

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