How to deal with the house move meme

August 3, 2021 0 Comments

The meme is the latest in a string of memes that have sprung up around the town of Doncaster, the UK’s largest town.

A Facebook page, Doncaster House Move, which has attracted more than 15,000 followers, has featured an image of a moving house.

A few weeks ago, a similar meme surfaced on Twitter.

The meme has been retweeted more than 8,000 times, with the number of retweets doubling over the past week.

In March, an image appeared on Twitter of a woman in a black turtleneck standing in front of a large house with a large, red sign reading “Housing.”

The sign read, “Doncaster, The Great House Move.”

This year, another meme appeared in a video from the show The Walking Dead.

In a segment that was later deleted, a man can be seen in a blue suit with a red scarf around his neck standing in a hallway.

“Don’t be surprised if the house moves again, don’t be alarmed.

You’re in the same situation as the zombie apocalypse.

It’s the apocalypse,” he said.

The man’s name is Frank.

In the video, he’s seen walking towards the house with his arms crossed.

Frank, who is not a member of the public, has been on the town council since 2014.

A Twitter account that has been active since 2015 has posted more than 30,000 retweards.

“This isn’t just about the house, it’s about all the people in Doncaster.

You’ll never be alone.

You can’t leave your house.

You won’t have to,” the account, @DoncasterHouseMove, said in a tweet in March.

“The world is watching.”

The meme started to take off this year when a woman, a woman named Lucy, posted an image on social media.

Lucy is not the first to post the image.

A woman named Jodie has posted similar images and videos to social media in the past.

She’s a mother of four children and a resident of Donington, a town of nearly 8,700 people.

The image is captioned, “The house is moving.

Please help us keep the kids safe.”

Lucy said she felt like the images had been posted to her to draw attention to her concerns.

“People are really afraid to be in the house.

It could happen to you,” she said.

“It’s a scary feeling.”

Lucy told BuzzFeed News she’s been trying to share the meme with as many people as she can.

“I’m trying to get as many as I can, because I don’t know if I can get to everyone,” she told BuzzFeed.

She said the meme has also been shared on social medias.

“Some people have said it’s funny, but I think it’s very harmful and a distraction,” she added.

“And people just get really, really scared.”

In a statement on Twitter, Donington Town Council said: “Donington Town has been inundated with calls from people concerned about the safety of their children in their house, and we are working with the police to ensure all relevant people are informed and have the support they need to protect them.”

Our staff are working round the clock to keep our residents safe and to ensure they can get on with their daily lives and continue their normal lives.

“A Facebook group called #Doncaster_HouseMove has been created and a “Donny’s House Move” Facebook page has been set up for Doncaster residents to share their concerns.

The hashtag, which translates to “Donning house move,” has been used more than 5,700 times on social platforms, according to data provider Statista.

It was also the top trending topic in the UK on Twitter and Instagram at the time of publication.

Donney Town Council is committed to the safety and wellbeing of residents in Donington and to keeping the community safe,” he added.

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