How to move to Coventry home in 5 steps

The new house in Coventry’s west is on its way to its final days and there are already reports of residents looking forward to it.

The house is currently in the process of being moved from a rented flat to a private residence, and is scheduled to be ready for its new owners next week.

It is set to house around 1,500 people.

Some of those moving into the home are from the Coventry area, but many of the families that will move into the house are from nearby villages in the East Midlands.

In the past, the house had been in private ownership.

It had a previous owner who was a local politician, but the new owner was a businessman who wanted to improve the house.

According to the Covent Garden Association, the new owners have agreed to keep the old owners house and keep the area’s heritage intact.

“I am delighted to see this house being bought and that it will be ready to be occupied in about a month,” said Paula Hickey, Coventry council’s housing spokesperson.

“The house was built in the late 1920s, and has been there for many generations.

The old owners and the council will make sure that it is in good working order.”

It’s a big house, and one that’s going to require a lot of work to get into, said resident Mary Hickey.

It has a lot going on around it.

“We have been living in it for about a year and a half now and we’ve been getting lots of interest from neighbours,” she said.

“It’s definitely going to be a challenge to move in it now, and it’s going for a lot.”

There will be a lot to do, and we will be looking at what the neighbours have been saying.

“The new owner will not be making any permanent changes to the house, which has a private garden, pool, steam bath and a steam toilet.

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