What’s next for the Easton House?

Campbell House moved into its new home on Thursday night, after more than a year of searching.

The house, in the south-east corner of Bromley, was built by Easton Architects in 2007 for its owners who wanted to move to Somerset.

The move came after Campbell House, which has been in the same building since the mid-19th century, was bought by former Somerset Council chairman James Puddifoot for £1.9 million in 2014.

“This house was built to provide affordable housing for people who have nowhere else to live,” said David Smith, Campbell House’s chairman.

“It is also the place where our local community can meet and share ideas and opinions.”

Mr Smith said that although the move was the end of a long journey for the building, it was not yet finished.

“The house has been a house of many different eras and owners, but we have now completed the last part of the journey,” he said.

“We will now begin work on the rest of the house, which is being built on a site in the neighbouring town of Gloucester.”

The move was welcomed by Campbell House residents.

“I am so happy that we will be moving to a new home with this house, it will be a wonderful place,” said resident Sarah Jones.

“All the memories of the place will stay with us and I hope the people of the area will be happy with it.”

However, many others are concerned about the state of the building.

“Campbell House was built in the 1980s and was the oldest house in the borough,” said Mr Smith.

“And we’re looking at a new house for the same period of time.”

Campbell is a one-room Victorian house that was built between 1902 and 1931, according to the Somerset Register of Historic Places.

Mr Smith says that the building was the last of its kind in the area.

“Its a house built by the people who built it and we are very proud of it,” he added.

“But we also have a lot of other houses that have been built around it in the past, like our old St Helen’s.”

The building was also used as a school, although Mr Smith says the school will remain open for the next few years.