Barbies moves house: ‘It’s an important time for us’

A barbershop is moving its home to Seattle after it had been in the city for nearly two decades.

The new barbers shop at 2200 W. Madison St. in downtown Seattle opened in April and will be home to about 150 employees.

The barbershops are owned by Burdett’s Barbershop and a sister shop at 1221 Broadway St.

The barbers are part of a new movement of upscale retail businesses moving out of traditional Seattle neighborhoods, and into more desirable neighborhoods in the region, said Mike Lasko, Burdetts owner.

It’s not a big change, he said.

“It’s really a reflection of how the region is evolving.

It doesn’t change our culture,” Laskow told ABC News.

The new shop is located on a former industrial site on Madison Street between Broadway and Broadway and is designed to provide a welcoming space for barbers and other customers.

It’s a welcome change, said Laskowski.

He said it’s the first time a barbers salon has moved into a neighborhood with a high concentration of bars.

“We’ve got a good mix of barbers who have been around for a long time and who are also very familiar with the area,” Liskow said.

“So this will be a good opportunity for them to start their own business and to meet customers.”

The new shop will also include a barber shop with a full kitchen.

The shop will serve up a variety of styles, including barbers’ creams, shampoos and conditioners, and also has a bar for small businesses, Laskowicz said.

The store will also feature a fitness center, a fitness room and a fitness class.

Barbershop will also have a small kitchen, where customers can sit down and get to know the barbers.

Laskows owners said the shop is expected to be open at least three weeks a month.

Bars and haircuts will be offered for free, but customers will have to pay for service.

They can also get a haircut at a bar, Liskowski said.

The shop’s name reflects the location: “Burdett is here to make your hair shine.”