House Moves Up: The House Moves Down

By Michael DePaula | 09.19.2018 | 10:23:02A house move in Oklahoma has been described as a “move up” house move, but not exactly a move up.

According to a recent report, a woman from New Mexico is suing her husband over an alleged $7,000 move to Oklahoma.

According the New Mexico Daily News, “The lawsuit filed Monday accuses husband John Kavanagh of leaving the family home in the small Oklahoma city of Santa Fe without her consent and demanding that he pay $7 million.”

The suit alleges that in July 2016, the Kavanagas moved into their home to save money for the move and also to take care of their two children.

According a statement from Kavanags lawyer, John Sargent, the couple was trying to sell the home in January 2017 when they heard that the house had been listed for sale for $7.5 million, which the listing was “significantly overpriced,” according to the Daily News.

The suit claims that Kavanagos wife, Lisa Lutz, told her husband, “I have to do something, I have to move to a new house,” the paper said.

The Kavanagy’s lawyers told the paper that they have not been served with the lawsuit and will respond to the allegations in court.

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