How to avoid being ‘barge’ at a game

The barge moving house on the banks of the Thames is an old-school London icon.

It’s a fixture of the city’s summer season, and is an iconic image of the capital.

But now, for the first time, it is to be dismantled and moved from its current spot on the canal, which it once held, to a new site.

The move comes as part of a wider regeneration of the London Embankment, which will see more than 1,400 residential and commercial buildings on the site replaced with apartments and retail.

It is hoped that this will be the first phase of the scheme, which is expected to cost £50 million.

This will include the dismantling of the old house and the building of a new structure.

The removal of the house will be carried out by the London Development Corporation (LDDC), which is owned by the Mayor of London.

It has not yet been revealed which architect will build the new structure, or when the first phases of the project will begin.

The current barge will have been built in 1928 and will now be demolished and moved to a site in Southwark, which has been chosen as the new site for the project.

It will be replaced by a brand new barge that will carry out a refurbishment.

“The barge house has become a symbol of London, a symbol that Londoners have been loyal to,” said Boris Johnson, the Mayor, who is currently overseas.

“It is a symbol for the millions of Londoners who will soon find themselves living and working here.

The barges are part of our proud heritage, and we want to bring them back to life.”

In addition to being the official symbol of the borough, the building has also been used to show off London’s historic architecture.

The building itself has a unique design, with a series of large windows and arches.

The houses on the top and sides of the river have been constructed of timber, and they will be able to support a new roof, a new boiler and electrical work.

The original barge was moved in 1958, but the owners are now seeking permission to demolish it, because of the ongoing refurbishment of the site.

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