How to move house in Collinwood

A house mover who helped move a family from a four-bedroom house in Glenwood to a one-bedroom in Collingwood has moved on from the move.

Cameron Smith, 40, who lives in Glenrose, moved his wife, daughter and son to their new home at St Marys Drive and St John Street in Collingswood, where they will live for a year.

Smith said he was “excited” to move the family into a house.

“It was just so close to where we were living and it’s a little bit closer than we wanted,” Smith said.

“I thought it would be a nice place to live.”

But he was surprised when he moved in the family from their four-storey, three-bedroom home in Glenbrook last month.

“We thought, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s going to be really big,'” Smith said with a laugh.

The new home has been fitted with a new kitchen, and Smith said it’s “pretty nice” to be able to use his old home’s kitchen.

“They have a nice kitchen that’s very well equipped,” he said.

The family has been using the new home for their primary care provider.

“The care is very good,” Smith added.

The couple said they are now looking forward to a more regular life, with the new house being the first one they will be moving into.

Smith was recently selected as one of five finalists in a nationwide competition to move a house for the best home improvement in Australia.

The contest was sponsored by the Australian Council of Social Service.

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