What the heck happened to the Blues?

The New York Rangers are in the midst of their fourth year as the Blues have won six in a row, tied for the NHL lead, and are one of the NHL’s top teams heading into the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

But there’s one thing the Rangers haven’t done since the 2013-14 season: move their team’s home.

It’s not a shock to hear that the Rangers, who have made three playoff appearances, have yet to sell their home.

And if that’s the case, it’s a reminder of just how much of a priority the NHL has placed on the new arena, with the city of New York having made $1.2 billion worth of upgrades to the old Nassau Coliseum.

That money, though, could soon be in jeopardy, because the Blues don’t have a single year of tax credits left.

The Rangers, on the other hand, have a full four years of tax-credit payments left.

The Rangers, as is the case with every team in the NHL, will have to sell to recoup those tax credits in order to be eligible to get new money from the city for the renovations.

The city has yet to determine if it will pay the Rangers the $1 billion that the team was awarded back in 2013-2014, but the team has said it will continue to work toward its goal of becoming an arena that could eventually be built in the New York City area.

The Blues, meanwhile, have to pay the city $1,800 per home that it doesn’t have to spend on renovations.

That means if the team wants to be able to re-open in 2018-2019, it will need to pay a little more than $500 million to make that happen.

It remains to be seen if the city will be able pay the Blues, or the team that’s in the final year of its tax-exempt status, that amount.

It also remains to become known if the Blues’ new arena will have enough money in the bank to help the city pay for it.

That’s because the city has been making up the difference in tax credits by borrowing money from banks.

For example, the city recently announced that it will loan $250 million from the City of Rochester to the NHL in 2018.

That money, which has not yet been paid back, could be used to help pay for the new stadium.

If the city can’t borrow money to pay for renovations, it could have to resort to other methods, like issuing a $2.5 billion bond issue, which would allow the city to borrow the money needed to cover construction costs.

That would require the City Council to approve it, and then the money would be issued in 2018 or 2019.

It is not clear whether the city’s bond issue will be approved, or whether the bond issue itself will not be approved.

The city will also have to repay its debt to the Bank of New Hampshire, which was built with $100 million in the city budget.

If that happens, the money could go toward paying for the team’s new stadium and/or the construction of the arena itself.

A spokesperson for the Rangers did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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