How to help ARTIE move the house that will keep him company

It’s no secret that Artie moved to Adelaide in June 2016 and is now living with his girlfriend and family in a detached house.

In his new home, Artie’s new girlfriend and their two dogs are living in the house, while the family’s pet cat is still on a leash.

The new owners are not expecting to be living in their new home for long and will soon move out.

Artie and his new girlfriend have a new baby, but the couple are planning on moving out when the new house is finished.

“It’s going to be a pretty long period of time, but we’re going to do everything we can to be here with him,” Artie said.

It’s a pretty sad time for Artie, but he’s determined to be there for his girlfriend.

When asked if he thought Artie would be happy in his new house, Arties girlfriend, Amber, said “absolutely not”.

“Artie has a hard time adjusting to this new life, but I think he’ll be happy with where he is.

He will still need a place to live, he just needs a little bit more space.”

While Artie and Amber are keen to stay in their old house, they are also worried about getting in trouble with the law if they’re seen or seen to be near the property.

“We’re very conscious of it and we’re just going to work it out,” Amber said.

“It just makes no sense to move it if you’re not going to take responsibility for it.

We’ll work through it.”

Artie is currently living in a house in South Australia’s northern suburbs and he said he was confident he’d be okay with staying in his old home.

However, he has some concerns about moving into a new house and said he would be more than happy to return to his old spot if that was the case.

“If I do get into trouble I’ll be back,” Arties brother Artie told

His brother said Artie was happy in the old house and would probably stay in it.

“I think it’s a very comfortable place and I don’t know what people would say about it,” he said.

“If people wanted to go there, it would be fine with me.”

The house is still there.

I have a lot of fun with it.

It’s not a house I have to go to work or go anywhere.

If I was ever asked to move out, I wouldn’t move out.

“Arties brother said they were happy with the way they lived with their family before moving into the new home.”

Our house is great and everything is in good order, it’s clean and tidy, and it’s not like it’s been moved,” he added.

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