Why we’re happy for the Collingwood House move to the AFL

We’re happy with the outcome of the Collinwood House Move.

The move to Fremantle was a win for our club, and for our state.

Collingwoods president Andrew MacRae said the AFL’s approval of the proposal was a great win for the game and the AFL.

“This is a huge victory for Collingiers and Fremantle, who we had worked hard to get into this deal,” he said.

“The Collingows are very excited about the future, but we know they are also very determined to get their club back in the AFL.”

The move is now set to be completed in late September.

Collingswood president Andrew MacDonald said the move would benefit the Collings and Fremoos both at the grassroots level and on the field.

“We’re looking forward to our first game at Fremantle on Friday and to the finals,” he told AFL.com.au.

“I think that is the best day of the year for Collings as it is a fantastic day to be a football supporter.”

Collingews chief executive Andrew MacRs announcement comes after AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan confirmed a three-year extension for the AFL, which he said was needed to protect the game’s sustainability.

“If we can get that extension, we are in a great place,” he tweeted.

“It is time for AFL to stop trying to kill the game, start protecting it and start promoting the game.”

MacRaeds team is a big part of Collingys history, but will they be joining the AFL?

Andrew Macraeds has been at Collingwests helm since 2011.

Photo: ABC News

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