When you need to make an important decision, make a house joke

This article is part of our weekly house humour series.

Here’s a taste of some of our best humour from the past week.

House humour is all about the fun and games.

A few things to know about house humour: The house is the most popular place in Australia to live and the main attraction is the house.

But a good house joke is usually a good joke.

In fact, the word house is an old Australian word for a “small cottage”.

A lot of house humour comes from people who have never lived in a house before and don’t want to know how it’s made.

They often say “why don’t you just try and get a house”.

“There are so many ways to make a joke in the house,” says Jenny Brown, the director of house comedy at Sydney’s St. Andrew’s Church.

“You could put your arm around someone and say, ‘this is your little house’.

You could make a really big joke with a tree in the corner and a bunch of people around it.

The most popular house humour is about the “house party” The most common house humour involves someone saying “there’s a party at the house”, or a reference to “the party at home”. “

So, there are lots of different ways you could do house humour.”

The most popular house humour is about the “house party” The most common house humour involves someone saying “there’s a party at the house”, or a reference to “the party at home”.

Some people also add in “here’s your little kitchen”, “I got you a big kitchen”, or “my mum has a big house”.

The house party is a fun place to be.

It can be a little bit crazy and the guests can be pretty eccentric.

It’s a great way to get everyone together and get everyone out of their comfort zone.

“If it’s a house party, it’s going to be a party for everyone,” Brown says.

“It’s a way to celebrate the fact that people have come together to enjoy themselves, whether it’s on a weekend, or on a weekday, or any other time.”

You can’t be too serious The best house humour includes a reference or a joke about the weather or other matters that are going on in the household.

You can even get a little playful with a reference like “this is the weekend that we all had a good night’s sleep.”

Sometimes the reference is a reference not to the house itself, but to someone else’s home.

“The other day we had a great conversation about a house where it’s been a year since we last had a shower,” Brown laughs.

“And the topic was, ‘when is the next shower going to happen?’

And the joke was, if it’s raining in the summer, the house will be wet.”

The house has a “house theme” A lot more house humour takes place in the living room or kitchen.

This can include references to the “party house” or a house with “a big kitchen”.

A joke about a party might be “there are no more parties, so we’re going to do our own thing”, or it might be a reference “I love to do house parties, and there’s always one in the back yard”.

You can also add to the humour by talking about the house as a place of “fancyness”.

“If you’ve got a party in the backyard, you can say, you know, ‘the house is a place where fancy things happen’,” Brown says, “so it’s not really a place to have fun in.”

“It can be funny because you’re saying ‘that’s really fancy and that’s where things are done’ and then you’re actually talking about something that’s not real.”

What to say when you need a house laugh If you need something funny to make, don’t be shy about telling the truth.

“House humour is like a language,” Brown explains.

“So when you hear someone say something like, ‘I’m glad you have a party because we’ll be back later,’ it’s kind of like, what does that mean?

It means ‘I know it’s really nice to have a house’.

It means, ‘let’s get to work on some of the things that are important to you’.

It’s kind-of like a big-picture, rather than a small-picture.”

So if you need someone to say something in the spirit of the house, and not just because they want to make fun of you, and they don’t really want to talk about it, you could say, “I’d love to hear what you have to say about this house”.

“But that’s probably going to sound like you’re telling a joke, and you don’t actually want to do that.”

Brown suggests saying “that’s pretty nice” to a house and “that was a very nice house”, and then adding in “there is more to life than just the house”.

Brown also suggests “the house has its own personality”, and that it has

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