What You Need To Know About The Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Trailer #4: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ & The Future Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Guardians of the Galaxy are in the midst of filming their latest film, The Dark Knight Re-Imagined, and while some of us might be excited about seeing them, we’re a little wary about the future of the MCU.

In a new interview with IGN, director James Gunn reveals that Guardians of The Galaxy 2 will be the last film he directed.

“I can’t see myself directing Guardians of Galaxy 2.

I have to be creative.

I’m not a great storyteller.

It’s not like I can write a script and tell a story that’s going to work and then be able to direct it,” Gunn said.

“I have to really be creative in a way where it’s a story where it feels like it’s really connected to the Marvel Cinematics universe and that the characters are connected to that universe.

And it’s just not something I can really do in a film.

I can’t be the director of Guardians of, like, The Avengers 2 or something.

It feels like I’m saying ‘This is not the right direction for Guardians of,’ but that’s the way I see it.

I love that movie. “

That’s not to say it won’t happen.

I love that movie.

I loved Guardians of and I love what the Guardians of Guardians did with their universe.

It just feels like a little bit of a stretch to me to take that on.

It sounds like a dumb question but it’s definitely something that’s on my mind.

I want to work on a Guardians of my own, just to be able for myself to say ‘I can do this,’ and then have that say be my guiding force for it.”

Gunn went on to explain that he has “a great vision for what the story of the movie should be” and that he feels “there’s a great sense of exploration and that is something I love about Guardians of.

I really believe in the universe, I really love it. And I don�t want to see the end of it.

It has to be part of the universe and I just want to take it all in and see how it all plays out.

It�s an ambitious project.”

Gunn is a huge fan of the Guardians, and the idea of him directing a sequel to The Dark Kingdom is just so much fun.

In fact, he has even been talking about it for years.

“You know what I really loved about the Guardians?

I loved how they were, you know, super aggressive, you can’t help but get excited for this one,” he told IGN.

“But at the same time, there’s something about the idea that, you’re in this world and you�re here to protect this planet and the Earth, and that it doesn�t matter that it�s a different planet than ours.

And so, I guess that was kind and it was really fun.” “

It was kind of like, ‘I want to make sure that the universe is as interesting as it can be in a story like this,’ but also, it just felt like we were playing a different game.

And so, I guess that was kind and it was really fun.”

I�m very proud of what we did with Guardians and really happy for the fans. “

We did an amazing job in The Dark World and we have a great relationship with the Guardians and I’m sure we will continue to do great things together in the future.

I�m very proud of what we did with Guardians and really happy for the fans.

You know, I�ve really enjoyed directing them. “

At the end I think the fans have to take a chance, and hopefully they�ll love it, and theyll enjoy it.

You know, I�ve really enjoyed directing them.

I had fun doing it and I�ll continue to enjoy it.”

Guardians of THE MOON is set to hit theaters on May 5, 2019.

Guardians of ORANGE are set to release on July 7, 2019 and Guardians of BLACK PANTHER are set for release on August 22, 2019, while Guardians of INFINITE will hit theaters October 13, 2019 for a May 5th release.

Guardians OF THE MIRROR will be released on November 1, 2019 in theaters.

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