How the House voted on budget deal – but it’s not over yet

The Jerusalem Pro-Netanyahu daily said on Monday that it will try to persuade the House of Representatives to approve a bill to fund the army for two years and for the budget deal on Thursday that would increase the defense budget by 20 percent and also raise taxes on the wealthy.

It will then be up to the Senate to pass the bill, but it has been reported that the majority of senators, including those from the center-left, are against it.

The move comes as the Netanyahu government is in a difficult position and faces a growing opposition from within the ruling coalition, which is led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is a member of the Likud party.

Netanyahu has promised that the defense bill will not only be passed, but will be approved by the end of the week.

But the coalition has faced criticism from within its ranks and some lawmakers, including Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, are questioning its willingness to compromise.

“We are working for two-thirds,” he told the weekly cabinet meeting, adding that he would be open to any compromise.

In a separate development on Monday, Israeli police said that two suspected Arabs had been arrested in the West Bank on suspicion of throwing rocks at vehicles in the vicinity of the occupied West Bank.

An Israeli military spokesperson told Ma’an news agency that two men aged 20 and 21 had been detained on suspicion that they threw rocks at a vehicle belonging to a settler group.

The spokesperson did not give further details.

Palestinian sources said on Sunday that a Palestinian was wounded by rocks thrown by an Arab man near a settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley on Sunday.

The Palestinian medic said he received the first call of the incident on Saturday, and the man was hospitalized, but his condition was not immediately known.

The settler movement is widely seen as a key obstacle to peace in the Middle East and Israel.

Israel says the settlement activity is illegal under international law, but the United Nations considers it illegal under Israeli law.

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